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TDD under stress

we deep dive on how as a developer mastering methods and what are the benefits.

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Crossing the TDD Chasm and Ensemble Traps

we dive into the challenges of crossing the TDD chasm and explore testing strategies.

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DDD, your ally to fight legacy code

how to extract business knowledge from our legacy code and how to master it..

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DDD to the rescue of legacy code

my talk about how to use Domain Driven Design and Event Storming to rescue your legacy code

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Two dev getting a coffee

a casual discusssion about tech choices, tech strategy and benchmark technologies, team organisations and choices

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Naming in DDD

In this Lighting Talk we will explain naming as a process. unfortunately, I got COVID that time but my co-speaker Sepehr Namdar has done a very good job.

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Split functionality into small units

a great discussion about tools, practices and techniques that he uses to deliver value. We also discussed inclusion and diversity as a critical aspect for organisations to strive!

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Track down dead code and delete it

a great discussion about legacy code and how to manage it

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