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microservices chronicles

Implementing Microservices: Nobody Told Me About That

a talk about how to implement microservices architecture the bad and the good part

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TCR is your best friend against legacy

feedback based on a real refactoring legacy project with TCR, the tips, the traps

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Interview Micro Services avec Yannick Grenzinger et Khaled Souf

a great discussion about microservices when you should or shouldn't use them with my friend Yannick Grenzinger(in French)

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Applied Domain Driven Design on legacy code

few techniques and heuristics based on my experience dealing with legacy code and applying domain driven design concepts on it.

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Applied Domain Driven Design on Legacy Code

introduce a few techniques and heuristics based on my experience dealing with Legacy Code and applying DDD concepts on it.

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Lessons learned from TCR

Lessons learned from TCR (Test Commit Revert) after a Remote Pairing Session from Kent Beck after a remote pairing session with Adrian Bolboaca

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Pairing Methods

discussion about pairing methods they use depending on the contexts they are in. How to pair with more experienced programmers, or when you are an external consultant.

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learned the value of adding value

Timothée Bourgignon has interviewed me about my journey as developer. you'll know about me and all my experiences on this Podcast. Tim writed also his main personal takeaway.

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