All the presentations that I've done/presented/contributed before in any occasion
about DDD, TDD, code, Tech strategy, and other tech subjects

Naming in DDD

Naming is one of the hardest things to do when coding. It helps us to make the code more readable and comprehensible. we(me and my friend Sepher Namdar) will explain some concepts like Supple Design and Naming as a Process (@arlobelshee) to achieve this goal.

TCR is your best friend against legacy

feedback based on a real refactoring legacy project with TCR, the tips, the traps

Nobody told me about that: Chronicles about implementing microservice architecture

my talk about the unknown undesirables effects and how to take the benefits of such architecture based on true failed and successful experiences.

Applied Domain Driven Design on legacy code

few techniques and heuristics based on my experience dealing with legacy code and applying domain driven design concepts on it.