Hello I'm

Khaled Souf

Software Crafter

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About Me

Hello, I’m Khaled, a passionate Senior dev/trainer/coach/DDD Distiller based in Montréal. I've been working for several years in Paris (France). I'm also an organizer of the Software Crafters Montréal Meetup and the Unconference SOCRATES Canada. I'm currently working at Zenika Montréal as senior consultant.

  • eXtreme Programming
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Behavior Driven Development
  • Test Driven Development
  • Clean Code
  • Clean Architecture
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Infrastructure As Code
  • Java
  • Elixir
  • Javascript
  • Go

What I do


I'll investigate your architecture, code and performance issues. I'll propose a short/medium/long term improvement plan. I'll carry on the execution of the selected plan.


I'll join your team as developer/technical leader. I'll commit with your team to deliver high quality code in time. I'll help your team adopt the best up to date practices.


I'll mentor your teams on crafting software and devOps practices. With your team, I'll implement these practices on your products/projects using pair programming/mob programing...


I'll train your teams on an up to date techniques that i've worked on them for years. you don't find a training materials fitting your need. no problem, i'll create an adapted for you.

Main Technical Skills

Domain Driven Design
Test Driven Development
Clean code

Professional Skills

  • Communication
  • Team Work
  • Mentoring
  • Creativity


Master Degree From Ecole Supérieure de Technologies et d'Informatique


a professional master degree, on information systems and software engineering

Bachelor degree From Ecole Supérieure de Technologies et d'Informatique


an applied computer science bachelor degree with an information system option

High School Diploma From Lycée Ibn Sinaa


a mathematics high school degree with computer science option

Main Work Experience

Technical Officer Arolla

Responsibility :
  • Working at customer's offices.
  • mentoring the junior developers.
  • Trainings: Event storming, DDD, clean code...
  • mentoring teams on architecture, benchmarking, tooling, ...

Crafting Software Coach Société Générale (Paris)

Responsibility :
  • working at the transversal departement DCO.
  • Coaching multiple teams on code smells/refactoring, clean code, how to work with legacy code and TDD/ BDD /DDD with the languages java and javascript.

Technical Consultant Zenika (Paris)

Responsibility :
  • Technical Leader in different projects/products at the costumer's offices
  • Trainer : Clean Code, Domain Driven Design, Elasticsearch for developers.
  • Auditor: audit of Source Code, technical architecture and performance.

Featured Talks/Discussion

Pairing Methods

discussion about pairing methods they use depending on the contexts they are in. How to pair with more experienced programmers, or when you are an external consultant.

watch the video

Lessons learned from TCR

Lessons learned from TCR (Test Commit Revert) after a Remote Pairing Session from Kent Beck after a remote pairing session with Adrian Bolboaca

watch the video

Developer Journey With Tim

Timothée Bourgignon has interviewed me about my journey as developer. you'll know about me and all my experiences on this Podcast. Tim writed also his main personal takeaway.

Listen to the Podcast


Khaled was able to lead various technical subjects efficiently. He has good technical and personable skills. I was satisfied by Khaled's work and pleased to work with him.

Gautier Loyauté

Internal Auditor, Banque De France

Khaled worked very hard and with many sucesses on major reglementary projects. He covered many features team and I liked his team spirit and obviously he masters all practices in Craftsmanship.

Guillaume Theytaz

Head of The DevOps Department, Société Générale

Khaled is a passionate software developer and craftsman. He delivers high quality work and is always on the search of improvements (in the codebase, in how the team work and delivers, self-improvement, …).

Vincent Demeester

Former Software Engineer at Docker Inc., Principal Engineer at Redhat

I worked with Khaled twice. Both times, he delivered high quality work quickly. His passion pushes him to fight the status quo towards better ways of working.

Xavier Detant

CTO at Zenika Paris, Co-Organizer of SOCRATES France, Co-orgnizer of the Software Crafters Meetup paris

I worked with Khaled in Societe Generale ans I was impressed by this knowledge on DDD, Craft and is good mood.

Christophe Cousinier

Freelance DevOps Consultant